Clutch Repair in Canton, GA

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Car Clutch Repair

Killian Automotive is the best place to go for car clutch repair in Canton. We have a team of experienced professionals who can quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix any problems with your car’s clutch. Contact us today at (770) 345-5873 to schedule an appointment!

If you own a manual transmission car, you know that the clutch is an essential component. The clutch disc sits between the engine and the transmission, and it is what allows you to shift gears. When you press the clutch pedal, the disc disengages from the engine, allowing you to change gears. The clutch plate and pressure plate work together to apply pressure to the disc, keeping it from slipping. Over time, the components of the clutch can wear out, causing the system to fail. If your car is having trouble shifting gears or the clutch pedal feels mushy, it’s time for a repair. A qualified mechanic can replace the worn parts and get your car back on the road.

The experts at Killian Automotive are experienced in clutch repair and can quickly diagnose the problem. We will inspect the system and replace any worn parts. We use quality parts to ensure that your car is running like new.

Signs Of A Faulty Clutch

Components of a vehicle are subjected to regular wear and tear. The clutch is no different, and with time, it will also start showing signs of damage. It is, therefore, crucial that car owners be aware of the early signs of clutch failure so they can take their cars for repair before the damage becomes irreparable.

One of the most common signs of a failing clutch is a delay in engagement. This happens when the pedal is depressed, but there is a slight delay before the clutch engages. The problem could be due to a faulty hydraulic system or low hydraulic fluid levels. Another sign that something is wrong with your clutch is a burning smell coming from the engine bay. This is usually caused by friction between the discs and other components. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to take your car to a qualified mechanic for repair.

Experts can inspect your clutch cable, pilot bearing, and other parts to see if they need to be replaced. They will also check the hydraulics to ensure that the system is functioning properly. Clutch repair is a complex job, but experts have the experience and training to get the job done right.

Problems Caused By A Faulty Clutch

Car owners always want a smooth ride, but a faulty clutch can make that difficult. It can cause the car to jerk when shifting gears. A failing clutch can also cause damage to other parts of the transmission. These problems can be frustrating and dangerous. Some of the problems caused by a faulty clutch system are

  • Clutch Linkage Cable: The clutch linkage cables connect the pedal to the pressure plate. Over time, they can become stretched or damaged, causing the pedal to feel mushy or hard to press.
  • Release Bearing: The release bearing is what allows the pressure plate to disengage from the engine. If it fails, the car will be unable to shift gears.
  • Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is what provides pressure to the clutch system. If it is not functioning properly, the car will not be able to shift gears.

Choose a professional for clutch adjustment and clutch replacement. They have the experience and training to get the job done right. Experts can quickly diagnose the problem and get your car back on the road.

ASE Certified Technicians For All Clutch Repair Needs

Professionals know how hydraulic linkage works with a clutch system. ASE-certified technicians will check your car’s master cylinder, slave cylinder, and lines for any leaks or blockages. Slipping gears is a common problem with a failing clutch system. The technicians will also check the pressure plate, flywheel, and discs for wear. If any of these parts need to be replaced, they will do so with high-quality parts that meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

Choosing an inefficient and unqualified garage for clutch replacement can result in your car not working as intended. You might also have to pay more for repairs in the future. So, be sure to take your car to a qualified and experienced mechanic for all your clutch repair needs. Let the professionals handle it so you can be sure your car is in good hands.

Killian Automotive Provides Reliable Clutch Repair Services

Whether your starter motor is going bad or you need a new clutch, our team at Killian Automotive can help. We are a full-service automotive repair shop that offers clutch repair and replacement services. We only use the latest equipment for all repairs, and we offer a warranty on all our work.

If you are having problems with your clutch, bring your car to us, and we will get it fixed quickly. We offer a free consultation, so you can tell us about the problem and we can give you an estimate for the repair. Contact us today at (770) 345-5873 to schedule an appointment!